What's Master Thinkers About?

  • An opportunity to Re-Define Thinking

    Afford yourself time to figure out how to take on the new creative challenges that face every Speaker & Presenter

  • Exposure to New Ideas & Fresh Perspectives

    Discover what others are doing in their worlds and find the inspiration and fresh perspective you can bring into your space

  • Great Support & Connection to Grow Your Skills

    Develop new skills and work with the support of a community to get back on the leading edge

Staying Ahead of The Pack

Can Be So Exhilarating... and Also So Overwhelming!


    Is it time to expand on your content offering or adjust material to make it online-friendly? A powerful re-framing technique is to articulate your material differently and refine your key messaging.


    Get inspired by rubbing shoulders with Thought Leaders from different fields of expertise!
    Discover tons of Hints & Tips or How-to Get Going Ideas to help shift into a fresh mindset.


    Exchange ideas with others, who found solutions to similar challenges, elsewhere in the world? Get support from a community and experiment in a safe space with us. Write MORE, more OFTEN!

What You'll GET when you Subscribe!

More than your Weekly Update Video, there's also the following to keep you on track, included with your subscription.
You decide how we tailor the information to best suit the time you have available.

  • FREE MONTHLY WEBINAR to upgrade skills in presenting, designing slide decks, fine-tuning your technology, structuring new talks, promotional material and more!

  • WEEKLY ONLINE BRAINSTORMS inspired by The Ideas Game to tap into fresh ideas, develop content and bounce ideas off other Creatives from different industries

  • WEEKLY WRITING SESSIONS with an online group to hold you accountable and receive guidance in crafting your material for online presentation

  • WEEKLY HINTS & TIPS to hone your authenticity, craft messaging and improve your online video presentation skills

  • INSIDER RESOURCES such as slide decks, free apps, images, icons & templates, the where-to and how-to of slicker messaging

  • FREEBIES & DISCOUNTS on studio time*, post-production and online channel packages


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