You owe yourself these twenty-one minutes!

Designed for Executives on the Go, these Mini-Webinar Workshops will get critical points across in only 21 minutes; no fuss, no time wasters!

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Why you need a Director?

When lockdown first hit, everyone rushed out to buy a proper camera, a microphone and ring-light! These were all good choices. But a ring-light, does not a director make.

Because you’re serious about creating powerful online video content, you’ll consider learning the finer secrets of production. Discover the cinematic language of film and TV to ensure your messages connect, keep them engaged and imprint with memorable impact.

If you’re not going to stand out head-and-shoulders above the clutter, why bother? That’s why you need a Director. I help you craft your vision and execute on it with perfection!


I help you design, develop & deliver top notch online content

Online, your video and streaming events compete amidst thousands for attention. With more than 30 years of tv and film experience, I can help you stand out from the rest.

UP YOUR ONLINE GAME with the 14 Day Challenge!

Online Presentation

Polish Your Skills and unblock barriers that trip you up or keep you from producing slick videos that land your ideas with impact.

Struggling to Write?

Discover my methodology
to help structure and write a book in only seven days

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Quality Production

Need awesome videos or LIVE webinar streams? Create impactful scripts that get your message to cut through the clutter.

EXCELLENCE that won't break the bank,
CONTENT that will stand the test of time;
Stuff worth watching ONLINE.

Let's work together to create your best online work yet...

Structure & Write

I can help expand your content range for online presentations, your book or streamed webinar; Let's work to extract excellent soundbites for VIDEO!

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Polished Presentations

I can help refine slick video presentations that ensure engagement and high impact messaging. Let's explore what trips you up in front of cameras!

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Quality Production

I can help you with LIVE and Live-to-Tape Multi-cam recordings, slick show graphics and animations to make your next presentation sizzle!


Nico has been exceptional in explaining the art of storytelling and how to apply it in a corporate setting. He enabled a clearer and more succinct message I share when presenting to teams, committees and boards.

Julian Johnson CA (SA)

Chief Financial Officer, BioTherm Energy

Alison Weihe

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Writer

Nico Steyn was instrumental in helping me to create the structure of my book, talk the book and claim my voice. His spiritual approach to writing, is based on years of television work and understanding "the power of movies" to move us.

Jacqui Gogele

Senior Tech Adviser, Endeavor

Nico has worked on projects with us, ranging from well-funded brand creation for Microsoft, to smaller niche projects for customers who want measurable returns on investment.  He delivers creatively, whilst always retaining a sense of target market.  

Caroline Marwisa

Group Head of Learning, Old Mutual

Nico is a natural creative and coach. You will pick up communication skills and get to produce work you will be proud of. I highly recommend Tycoon Tribe for any video production, design and development of virtual learning content.